The foundation does activities for the communities benefit by these means:
– Participation in social and public discussions and campaigns in support of the society on the topics of donation, assisted reproduction, birth, maternity, education, demographic issues, maternal and child health;
– Explaining the rights of donors, information, assistance and accompaniment of donors in the implementation of the donation;
– Participation in the preparation of the legal framework of the donation;
– Monitoring compliance with the rights of donors and compliance with medical standards.
– Compliance with legal and ethical standards in assisted reproduction and donation of genetic material.
– Participation in discussions and compliance with legal and ethical standards about the freezing of oocytes, sperm and embryos.
In order to raise funds for these activities the Foundation will collect donations, sign sponsorship contracts and will develop the following business activities connected with their goals exemplar, and they are:
1. Publishing – publication and presentation of books, leaflets, brochures and others;
2. Organizing events, presentations, conferences and more similar activities in order to raise funds related to informing the public about the donation of genetic material.
3. Organization of seminars, educational and cultural discussions;
4. Participation in projects financed by third persons and entities.